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National Curriculum

Year 1 – Year 6 are following the new national curriculum in all subject areas.  Early Years Foundation Stage follow the National Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

The units are regularly reviewed by staff and children at the end of each term.

The yearly maps show topics being covered in each year group.

EYFS Curriculum Plan

EYFS Framework – Cycle A

EYFS Framework – Cycle B

Year 1 – Curriculum Plan

Year 2 – Curriculum Plan

Year 3 – Curriculum Plan

Year 4 – Curriculum Plan

Year 5 – Curriculum Plan

Year 6 – Curriculum Plan

Hard copies of all curriculum plans can be provided on request at the school office.

Termly Parent Information Leaflets give more details of areas covered and how you can support your child. These are given out at the beginning of each term and can be downloaded.  

Nursery Cycle A – Autumn Leaflet

Reception Cycle B – Autumn Leaflet

LU Lime Class – Autumn Leaflet

LU Purple Class – Autumn Leaflet

Year 1 – Autumn Leaflet

Year 2 – Autumn Leaflet

Year 3 – Autumn Leaflet

Year 4 – Autumn Leaflet

Year 5 – Autumn Leaflet

Year 6 – Autumn Leaflet


Nursery A – Spring Leaflet

Reception Cycle A – Spring Leaflet

Red Class – Spring Leaflet

Purple Class – Spring Leaflet

Lime Class – Spring Leaflet

Year 1 – Spring Leaflet

Year 2 – Spring Leaflet

Year 3 – Spring Leaflet

Year 4 – Spring Leaflet

Year 5 – Spring Leaflet

Year 6 – Spring Leaflet


Nursery – Summer Leaflet

Reception Cycle A – Summer Leaflet

Red Class – Summer Leaflet

Purple Class – Summer Leaflet

Lime Class – Summer Leaflet

Year 1 – Summer Leaflet

Year 2 – Summer Leaflet

Year 3 – Summer Leaflet

Year 4 – Summer Leaflet

Year 5 – Summer Leaflet

Year 6 – Summer Leaflet


The school uses a variety of phonics and reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Floppy Phonics

Promoting British Values

At John Ruskin School we expect all pupils and staff to demonstrate and promote British Values. Here is our school policy:

Promoting British Values